My business card is always up to date.

All you need is one-time business card exchange.
Meeting people is a once-a-lifetime meeting.

The Ever Meishi can deliver your latest information to the person who received the business card even if your information has changed due to work transfers, career changes, start-ups, etc.

About Ever Meishi

By publishing your business card on the web, people who receive your business card at any time can see your latest business cards.
The Ever Meishi can create and publish your own business card page.
By sticking the QR code of your business card page to your business card or printing directly, people who receive the business card can access your business card page.

Easy to use

The only thing you need for user registration is your e-mail address. Personal information is not necessary.*
Login is also easy! No password is required. Log in by clicking the login button in the mail sent to your e-mail address.

  • In case of free plan

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How to Use

Step 1 User registration / login

Click the user registration button to display the user registration form. When you enter your e-mail address and click on the user registration button, e-mail will be sent from the Ever Meishi. When you click the user registration button in the e-mail, user registration is completed and the business card information input page is displayed.
The login method is basically the same. Enter your e-mail address on the login form and click the login button to send the e-mail. When you click the login button in the e-mail, the business card information input page is displayed.

Step 2 Create and publish business card page

On the business card information input page, you can upload your business card image (in the case of smartphone, you can start the camera). When you click the button to be disclosed, the business card page will be made public.

Step 3 QR code generation / printing

Click the QR code generation button to download the QR code image. Print the QR code on the seal and paste it on the business card, or print it directly on the business card. The person who receives this business card can read the latest business card information at any time by reading the QR code of your business card from a smartphone etc.







Monthly charge(tax included)
100 JPY
Number of business cards
AR(Augmented Reality) display
3D model display
Additional info display
Characters only
QR code generation
E-mail address change
Smartphone compatible
  • Supports glTF format

Why do not you make "EVER" business cards?

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